3 of the best pet foods that are actually good for your animals

Dogs and cats have biological nutritional requirements that may or may not be satisfied by some pet foods marketed as ‘natural.’ When you love your pets, you want to make sure you give them everything they need to live a healthy and happy life. That’s why I’ve rounded up 3 of my animals favorite pet food brands for you and your furry friend to try out.

Just like humans do their best when they eat real food, your pet’s system won’t do well over time on a heavily processed diet. I know you love real ingredients and care about what treats your animal gets.
Just think, most pups eat the same thing everyday, sometimes twice a day. If you find good alternatives, they’ll enjoy eating and feel good too. That means a shinier coat, more energy and an increased lifespan.
Without further ado, here’s my top 3 picks for dry pet food:

Merrick Classic Beef, Barley and Carrot

The Merrick Classic product line includes seven dry dog foods and all are pretty great (though the lamb, brown rice and apple combo did get a four star rating). This one boasts sweet potatoes, which is a gluten-free source of complex carbohydrates and a naturally rich way to get dietary fiber and beta carotene. It also has pork fat, which may sound gross but is great for flavoring while being high in essential omega-6 fatty acids. Lastly, it contains chelated minerals, which are minerals that have been chemically attached to protein, making them easier to absorb. If you want a quick way to see if a dog food is high grade, check for this ingredient. Almost all super healthy, above-the-line dog food will have it. This is good, and for sure your pet will love this.

Purina Beyond Salmon & Whole Brown Rice Natural Food

Though many of Purina’s cat food brands are made with good-quality ingredients and fillers, and the Beyond brand seems to be a good product. Marketed as a natural cat food, the Beyond line of cat foods is made with real, recognizable ingredients you know and trust, plus essential nutrients. These products are made with real fish or poultry as the number and don’t have corn, wheat, or soy ingredients. A review of several Purina Beyond dry cat food recipes reveals that these claims are true, but the fact remains that the Beyond brand is unique among Purina products in terms of quality. As for myself, I think Purina has done very good with utilizing natural energy sources and developing biodegradable packaging.

All my cats and my dog eat Purina Beyond Salmon & Whole Brown Rice Natural Food. They love it. I have cats that cannot eat a lot of dry food. But they don’t have problems when eat Beyond. These days I discovered that now we have the opportunity to get access to free pet product samples from brands such as Purina.

So, if you want to get some free samples you can check this website. I know that you will need to complete an yes or no survey but anyway, you should receive the product in a few days. It’s easy and worth trying this.

Nature’s Variety Instinct Duck Meal and Turkey Meal

The Nature’s Variety Instinct product line includes five dry dog foods. My dogs love this formula. Lots of good protein (from concentrate) and a few interesting and great ingredients (tapioca, canola oil, pumpkin seeds and alfalfa meal). I also love the use of inulin, a starch-like compound made up of repeating units of carbohydrates and typically sourced from chicory root. It’s both a natural source of soluble dietary fiber and a prebiotic used to promote the growth of healthy bacteria in a dog’s digestive tract.

I love my pets and I always give them food of the highest quality. In fact, I think that all animals should be loved and fed properly, and this is not only my opinion. Recently I saw that a site dedicated to pet lovers, offer us the possibility to win $1000 gift card for free pet food for a year. Exactly what I needed for my cats and dogs.

Here you find the card and don’t forget that products are shipped to the postal address provided during registration. This is a good opportunity for all pet lovers, and  animals will be delighted, certainly.

It is very important to take care of our animals and nutrition is essential for them. When you buy food for your pet, think like a chef and start with the ingredients. Just because a bag is colorful and says, “Formulated by a veterinarian” or “Now with even more meat!” doesn’t mean it’s healthy.

I hope you will find this information useful and I am waiting for your comments.

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10 thoughts on “3 of the best pet foods that are actually good for your animals

  1. Debra

    My dog, Many, was very unhealthy when she was just a puppy. She had to have surgery at just 11 weeks old and we had no idea why. When you’re a new pet owner you don’t put much thought into buying dog food (or at least I didn’t). My veterinarian told me Many was having these problems because of a cheap dry puppy food we were feeding her so she recommended Purina Beyond Salmon & Whole Brown Rice Natural Food for a long term diet. This product is very good and I recommend it.

    1. Christine

      Purina Beyond Salmon & Whole Brown Rice Natural Food is the best food yet. All my 5 dogs love it.

  2. Melody L

    I have 2 dogs and they are all thriving on Nature’s Variety Instinct Duck Meal & Turkey Meal. The other well known products were making my pets sick so I switched to an all natural product and they are no longer sick.

  3. Sarah Rogers

    My dogs eat wet food as their normal diet. I use the Nature’s Variety Instinct dry dog food as occasional treats and they really seem to like it. I recommend this food.

  4. Margaret

    Anyone received those free food samples?

    1. Jada

      Yes I received them and the product is very good!

      1. Becky Hanlin

        Yeah, I received them yesterday 🙂 Good way to check the quality 😉

  5. Margaret

    Nice! Thanks!

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