4 Eating Disorders That Affect Dogs

While eating disorders are well known in humans, not many people know about the nutritional disorders that affect dogs.
Eating diseases in dogs may be of various types including overeating or refusal to eat. The causes of canine eating disorders may be difficult to detect. However, these nutritional problems may be linked to an underlying physical condition or an emotional problem. Sometimes an eating problem can sprout up as a result of a change in dietary habits or eating schedule, while other times things like food allergies can alter the way a dog approaches his or her food.

Here are four eating disorders that affect dogs.


Overeating can become a habit in dogs with eating disorders. This can come about for many reasons, including general boredom and mild stress. Dogs that eat too much face the risk of obesity and the complications that come with being overweight, including joint stress, heart disease, liver disease and kidney problems.

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Under-Eating Or Anorexia

At the opposite end of the spectrum is under-eating. Anorexia in dogs can lead to symptoms like pain, fevers, jaundice, shortness of breath, weak lungs and heartbeat, abdomen distension and changes in organ size. Refusing to eat more than two meals is uncommon for most dogs. Loss of appetite is an important indicator of an underlying illness, which can vary from depression to cancer. If you notice a change in your dog’s eating habits, schedule an appointment with a veterinarian immediately.

Pica: Eating Things That Aren’t Food

Pica refers to a canine craving and ingesting non-food items. Items being ingested may include dirt, rocks, paper, cloth and even faeces. In most cases, pica is a compulsive behaviour problem. This eating problem can cause serious problems to your pet’s health.

Stressed or frustrated dogs can develop compulsive disorders which show up as behaviours like pica. It’s important to make sure your dog is getting enough exercise and mental stimulation throughout the day.

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Scoffing is what happens when a dog eats too fast. This problem can lead to bloating or gastrointestinal problems such as vomiting. In this instance, your dog may need food divided into smaller portion sizes. It’s important to take a trip to the vet if the scoffing is a new development. Your vet can run tests for parasites or recommend dietary changes. You may also feed the dog separately well away from the other dogs.

The problem of dogs with eating disorders is very real. In some cases, the eating diseases may resolve without any treatment. For instance, a puppy with pica may no longer eat garbage or other nonfood items once he grows up and learns to differentiate between food and other items.

Does your dog have any unusual eating habits? How have you helped to treat them? Let me know in the comments below! Also, don’t forget to apply for this Super Chewer BarkBox full of wonderful themed toys and treats for your dog!

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