How to stop your dog from chewing things it shouldn’t

Inappropriate chewing is a common problem in young dogs and stems from the fact that puppies use their mouths as a means of exploring the world around them. Chewing is a normal behaviour for puppies but becomes undesirable behaviour when it is directed towards inappropriate objects such as your shoes and furniture.

Chewing accomplishes some things for a dog. For young dogs, it’s a way to relieve pain that might be caused by incoming teeth. For older dogs, it’s nature’s way of keeping jaws strong and teeth clean.

Here are some guidelines on how to get a puppy or dog to stop chewing things he shouldn’t:

Give him plenty of exercises

If your dog has excess energy, he has to direct it somewhere — and that may just be your favourite new pair of shoes. Exercise is important for dogs prone to inappropriate chewing or other destructive behaviours. A tired pup will be less likely to get into things. Exercise also produces endorphins, which have a calming effect.

Teach them what to chew

If you do find your dog chewing on something inappropriate, correct the dog by taking the object away and scolding him. Direct his attention to an appropriate chew object and give praise when he chews on said object. Gradually, your dog will learn what objects are his and which are not.

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Play with your dog

Dogs left alone for long periods or not getting enough mental and physical stimulation are likely to become bored. Working breeds have naturally high activity levels and become easily bored in the wrong home. This can lead to destructive behaviour.

Try to play with your dog at least three times a day, for at least five minutes each time. Short, frequent play sessions are the best.

Feed your dog enough

You need to take care of your dog with proper dog nutrition and feeding. We are what we eat, and if it is true for us, it is also true for our dogs.

A dog on a calorie-restricted diet might chew and destroy objects in an attempt to find additional sources of nutrition.

Dogs usually choose the objects that smell like food. So, the best thing that you can do is to feed them properly.
All dogs should be fed according to their age, weight, health status and the amount of exercise they receive. It’s not easy finding the best dog food for puppies or even grown dogs, but fortunately, we have many options.

Prevention is key

You must put away all of the things your dog can get into his mouth, like shoes, children’s toys (especially small toys that your puppy can choke on), articles of clothing, plastic bags, containers of medicine, wallets and purses.

Make sure the dog does not have access to places where there are valuable or dangerous items if you are not there to supervise.

Minimize the teething discomfort

Much like human infants, puppies go through a stage when they lose their baby teeth and experience pain as their adult teeth come in. This intensified chewing phase usually ends by six months of age. To help with teething, try freezing a wet washcloth and giving it to your puppy to soothe the soreness caused by the teeth coming in.

Chewing is a perfectly normal behaviour for dogs of all ages

Dogs enjoy chewing. It’s a natural, normal behaviour — as long as it isn’t excessive. But that doesn’t mean you have to grin and bear it. Correct your dog — calmly and immediately — when he is chewing on any other object you want him to avoid.

Chewing the wrong things isn’t just annoying for you, it can be dangerous for them. They can break things into pieces small enough to swallow or they can bite through electric wires.

But the above-mentioned preventive and corrective approaches will help to minimize and ultimately solve the problem while allowing the dog to develop a healthy relationship with you.

I hope this article is helpful to you and don’t hesitate to leave your questions in the comments down below. Also, I am waiting for your comments to tell me what’s your opinion about this Super Chewer BarkBox.


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