How To Stop Your Dog Peeing In The House

If you have a dog that pees in the house, then you already know what a nightmare it can be. This problem can affect virtually any dog, regardless of whether it’s a new puppy who hasn’t been house trained yet – or an adult dog who has only just started to pee indoors again (even if they used to be fine).

This problem can have several causes, such as submissive peeing after being reprimanded, incontinence (if you have an aging dog), a lapse in good house training habits, or even territorial marking.

Breaking a dog from peeing inside is not impossible, but does require consistency and patience. Here’s what to do to stop your dog from peeing in the house:

Opt for Potty Patch – Economical Dog Litter Box and Grass Patch that will train your puppy and keep home clean

If you want to determine your dog not to pee everywhere in the house, then you need a Potty Patch. This is the indoor washroom for dogs that looks and feels like real grass. Each patch is scented to attract dogs for when it’s time for them to go, while the waste drains into the base, keeping it odor free.

Teaching your dog to use a potty patch uses the same training method as teaching him to go outdoors. Set the potty patch up in a quiet place, such as a spare bathroom or laundry room. Lay a tarp or plastic sheet on the floor to catch accidental spills, and set the patch in the middle of the tarp. Watch your pooch for signs that he has to go, such as circling or sniffing the ground.

As soon as he looks like he has to go, pick him up and set him on the patch. Tell him to “go potty,” and stand quietly until he goes. Reward him with a little treat and praise him for using the patch. Repeat the process every time he looks like he needs to go, and soon he will seek out the potty on his own.

If you are interested in getting this product for your dog, now you can buy Potty Patch for just $39.99. This is specially designed with a complex root system that absorbs urine and odors.

I recommend you to get this Potty Patch because it is very effective and I can say this from my own experience. This will help you to keep floors and furniture clean.

Don’t Cover the Smell Eliminate it

Dog’s urine omits a powerful enzyme that tells them to “Please Pee Here!” therefore it is vital to not just clean up any accidents that may occur but also to eliminate the odour completely to stop your dog peeing on the carpet. Clean the urine with paper towels and an enzymatic cleaner. These special cleaners break down proteins in the urine, eliminating the scent that might encourage the dog to pee on that spot again.

Train and reward your dog

Take your dog out immediately after he has just eaten and when he wakes from a sleep. Also take him outside last thing at night before you go to bed.

Take him to the area where you want him to pee in the future. Stand with him and give him a command. The command can be anything you choose. For example: Pee here, Go Potty, Be a good boy or girl, etc.

If your dog does pee or poop when you take him outside make a big fuss of him. Praise him, pat him, play with him. Also, reward him with good treats.

I suggest you take him good quality treats, which not affects his health. If you don’t know what to choose, I recommend you Super Chewer BarkBox. This is an amazing monthly box that contains heavy-duty chews, all-natural treats, and challenging, super-durable toys. I can say that I am really pleased with the products.

You can have one BarkBox for only $29 or if you think your dog can handle more, you can subscribe for 6 months ($25) or 12 months ($21). Also, every month you will receive different toys and food for your pet. If you are interested, here you find the Super Chewer BarkBox with all-natural treats for your furry friend.


One of the saddest reasons for a dog peeing indoors is fearfulness. Dogs that have not experienced the sounds, smells and sights of the world at large when young can develop phobias that stop them feeling comfortable when going to the loo outside.

A loud noise, fireworks, thunder can all be terrifying to a dog. Their nervousness keeps them constantly distracted instead of dealing with the business at hand. making it more likely for them to pee inside the home. It is important to introduce to lots of experiences whilst they are young to build confidence and learn how to socialise.

Additional trick to stop your dog from peeing everywhere


For stopping your dog from peeing all over the house, you might purchase a liquid from the pet shop that smells like pee. Drip it on the place you want your dog to go (on Potty Patch for example, if you’re training your dog to urinate in the house, as some people do). The smell of the liquid will invite your dog to pee on it.

If your dog is peeing in the house, there is a solution. If there are no medical conditions, almost any dog can be potty trained. Imagine how much happier you and your dog will be if you take the steps to get it stopped!

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